Ethereum from scratch - Part 1: Ping

by mikejf, July 20, 2017, 8:47 a.m., 9 comments



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0 mikejf 1 year ago

They are the same type of message, but are for different protocols. The Ping in the first link is for the "wire protocol", for sending data over the network, and the Ping in the second link is that for the "discovery protocol", for locating peers. Here I focus on the discovery protocol and after that is implemented I will implement the wire protocol.

0 nsubrahm 1 year ago

Ok. And, so the sequence is to do a RLPx Ping followed by a ÐΞVp2p Ping (of course, after successful Pong from RLPx)?

0 mikejf 1 year ago

RLPx is a subset of DEVp2p. If you are referring to the handshake then yes, you are correct. It goes [You: PING, Them: Pong, Them: Ping, You: Pong] and then you have an established relationship.