What is Ocalog?

Ocalog is a site where creators get paid for the upvotes they generate.

Who pays for upvotes?

Subscribers. Once this site is fully operational there will be a subscription option (unlocking all non-free posts) which comes with a certain number of upvotes. When a post is upvoted, money from the subscription fee will be transferred to the account of the post author.

Is the site currently working?

We are fully operational with exception of a working payment processor, which we are working on.

How do I view non-free posts?

Write a post or make an audio or video clip on a topic you like to talk about. Before submitting, check the "request credit" button. After you submit, your post will be reviewed. If you pass the criteria of showing sincere effort towards the post, then you will be awarded 3 credits, each of which can be used to unlock a non-free post. However, once credited your post will also become non-free.

How do I contact Ocalog

Feel free to email me at mike <AT> ocalog.com.