What is Ocalog?

Ocalog is a site where creators get paid for the upvotes they generate.

How does the site work?

Users write posts, but they are behind a paywall. Subscribers pay the subscription fee of $4.99 for access to the content and 10 upvotes. For each upvote a post gets, the author gets 30 cents. Since the financial system failed me, all these quantities are transferred via Ethereum, with an exchange rate updated hourly and set at the time of subscription.

How do I subscribe?

Activate Subscription

Why are things going so slow?

Ocalog is a side project. Currently my main time commitment is my PhD program, and updating can be difficult when classes are going. I will continue making patient progress over the durtion of the next 5 years.

Is the site currently working?

Yes! You can subscribe by going to the user page and clicking the Activate Subscription button. You can write posts and upvote, be upvoted, and withdraw your revenue via the Withdraw button.

How do I contact Ocalog

Feel free to email me at mike <AT> ocalog.com.