About Us

When I was at my last job, I used to spend weekends writing technical articles for my blog. I enjoyed the process of opening a book on a topic I'd never learned before, wasting Saturday nights of my youth trying to get diagrams to look right, all to submit my creation to /r/programming, get 5-100 upvotes, and then watch it drift off the front page, never to be seen again. "What if I could do this for a living?" I thought. Excited for my future life, I set up Google Adsense. However, I discovered that each of my posts would make around 30 cents, for 20-60 hours of work. My prospects for doing this for a living were not looking very good. I didn't see my viewership growing either, due to the technical nature of my posts. I had a thought that perhaps the small audience I did have would be willing to put down money for articles. However, I didn't believe they would subscribe to my newsletter. I also didn't think enough people would donate to a Patreon for me to make a decent living. But what if I and other, similar content creators banded together as a package deal?

That's Ocalog. It's a collective bargain between the creators and users. Users can view all the posts they want, as long as they agree to spend a certain amount per month on the network. That spending takes the form of upvotes. Creators get $1 per upvote. That's the model. I hope it works.


Michael Flynn (no relation to General)